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Balance sheet in liabilities side cr or dr give answer

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Alimited company was registered with an authorised capital of 20,00,000 shares, of these 60,000 shares were issued as fully paid to the vendors for the purchase ofbuildings. 80,000 shares were subscribed for by the public and during the first year ₹6 pershare were called up, payable ₹3 on application, ₹1 on allotment, ₹1 on first call, and ₹1on second call. the amounts received in respect of these shares were as follows : -on 60,000 shares the full amount called.on 12,000 shares 5 per share.on 5,000 shares 4 per share.on 3,000 shares 3 per share.the directors forfeited 8,000 shares on less than 5 per share had been paid . show journal entries in the books of the company and also show the share capital, as it would appear in the balance sheet.​
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Give two example of capital reciept
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Enter the following hansactionto double colunnar cash soolemartinanarrations not required 2018apoil ą capital invested in businees 15,000april-6 opened current account and deposited in bank 800april-9 fan purchased rs 340,case sales rs140april-17 deposited in bank 800april-21 biharis cheque was dishonoured rs 350april-25 goods purchased from shyam 1,150april-28 withdrew from the bank for thefollowing proposes1 personal use 500 2 wages 325 3 office expenses 275 1,1000 4 paid to petty 100​
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With goods and services tax (gst)prepare two-column cash book of bimal. lucknow from the following transactions2019une cash balance5,000 june 21 drawn from bank5.000june 1 bank balance17 500 june 29 paid office salaries in cash4,000une cash received from sale of personaljune 30 sold goods in cash for 8.000 plus cgstasset deposited in fim's account 5,000and sgst @ 6% each and banked the samejune 6 cheque received as advance againstjune 30 paid rent by cheque including cgstsale, paid into bank50.000and sgst @ 6% eachjune 7 paid s. bose by cheque12,500 june 30 paid into bank7.500discount receivedjune 9 paid wages in cash3.000june 20 received a cheque from a. mukherjeeand sent it to bank6,000cash balance 500; bank balance 71,340​
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Balance sheet in liabilities side cr or dr give answer...

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