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Name of 4 gases in atmosphere accelerating rusting of iron

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1.00g of a hydrogen salt cantains 0.2014g of iron, 0.1153g of sulfur,,0.2301g of oxygen and 0.4532g of water of crystallisation. find the emperical formula. (at. wt. : fe=56; s=32; o=16)​
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Magnesium is a radioactive metal or not​
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Efollowingil equivalent weight of sin s, is 8 then equiv.weight of 5 in 80, ishon vessel8x212) s3(1) 2 x 3(3) 8 x2x3​
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A, b, ang c are three elements giving compounds ab, ac and bc. ab contains 75% of a, ac contar57.14% of c, and bc contains 11.11% of b. show that the results illustrate the law of reciprocalproportions.​
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Name of 4 gases in atmosphere accelerating rusting of iron...

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