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Discuss four factors increase the rate of evaporation

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Indo-667ms r2831a container holds 22.4 litre of a gas at 1 atmospheric pressure and at 0°c. the gas consists of a mixture ofargon, oxygen and sulphur dioxide in which : (a) partial pressure of so2 = (partial pressure o2) + (partial pressure of ar)2082107(b) partial pressure of o2 = 2 x partial pressure of arcalculate the density of the gas mixture under these conditions.jos8ren i forn nffice : sg tower. a-46 & 52. ipia, near city mall, jhalawar road, kota (raj.) - 324005​
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C4h10, c5h12, c6h14 are isomers why?
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The constant for first order reaction is 60 per second . how much time will it taje to reduce the initial concentration of the reactant to its 1/6th value
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No. of neutrons in the nucleus of tritium (3h1) is
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Discuss four factors increase the rate of evaporation...

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