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Example of hamiltonian cycle using backtracking

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Write a query to display the number of sales that were made in the last 40 months
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The tcp/ip model has 4 layers. which tcp/ip layer is equivalent to the network layer of the 081 model?
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What is the meaning of group by clause in mysql? a. group data by column values b. group data by row values c. both a and b d. none of them
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Suppose, you develop a system using raft consensus protocol. using the consensus mechanism, your system identifies that the leader is byzantine. what will the system do now? (a) new leader selection will be initiated (b) continue with the old leader and leader with change in the next term (c) the other nodes in the system will reject the leader based on majority voting (d) this scenario will not happen
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Example of hamiltonian cycle using backtracking...

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