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What does mr. jordan describe as 'a fatal mistake'? what is the irony in the comment she makes on mrs. slater's defense?

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1. read the following passage carefullya recent report from internet security firm websense estimates that 8 per cent of all unwantede-maiis contained links to spam sites. the company's data suggests the number of malicious sitesgrew 233 per cent in the last six months and saw 1 per cent growth in the number of malicioussites in the last year. in june alone, the total number of e mails detected as containing virusesincreased by 600 per cent compared to may.chat rooms, blogs and message boards where users post comments have been identified as toptargets of hackers and spammers due to the high traffic these attract. according to websense, 9- af vor-generated comments to blogs, chat rooms and message boards during the firsthalf of 2009 were maliciousit is advisable not to click on spurious links and stay away from keying in passwords at unknownsites as they are most likely to be spammed hackers can steal your passwords and log into youraccount and assess critical information like account numbers and contact details among otherthings. malicious web attacks have been found to include data-stealing code whichdemonstrates attackers are after essential information and data sites with adult content areusually found to be malicious.read the questions given below and write the option you consider the most appropriate in yoanswer sheet: a. the above passage warns the internet users against. spam shtes.b. people who use chat rooms and blogs should be aware thatc. according to the writer it is not safe to use your password d. the targets of the hackers and spammers are .e. the essential information which the hackers and spammers would like to collect in and ​
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What does mr. jordan describe as 'a fatal mistake'? what is the irony in the comment she makes on m...

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