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Agar m ud sakta ' par anuched ek page

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Give 5-5 examples of sayukt , saral , mishr vakya
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Do question no 10 th part a and part b for class 8 th​
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Pradhan mantri jeevan jyoti bima yojana in hindi
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Uestionis1. why does a desert cooler. combetter on a hot dry day? 2. how does the water kept in anearthen pot (matka) become coolduring summer? 3. why does our palm feel coldwhen we put some acetone orpetrol or perfume on it? 4. why are we able to sip hot tea ormilk faster from a saucer ratherthan a cup? 5. what type of clothes should wewear in summer? ​
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Agar m ud sakta ' par anuched ek page...

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