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Det om sy dee you =o integrationi want ​

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What will be the ratio of petrol and kerosene in the final solution formed by mixing petrol and kerosene that are present in three identical vessels in the ratio 4: 1,5: 2 and 6 : 1 respectively?
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The difference of two numbers is 4,496. if 2.5% ofone number is 22.5% of the other number, thenfind the two numbers.​
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Two train of length 210 meters and 130 meter are respectively running in opposite directions of parallel track if there speed as 32 km/ hr and 36 km/hr respectively in what time will they cross each other? plz me
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You recently exprienced a earthquake when you were in school dairy entry
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Det om sy dee you =o integrationi want ​...

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