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Find the remainder obtained when x^2007 is divisible by x²-1​

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Then find the number.(i) four times a number increased by 8 equalsii) 35 less than 6 times a number is equal to 1.ii) i think of a number, divide it by 4 and add 11./the result is 17.ay i am an integer. when you multiply me by2 and subtract -10 from me, the result is -6.v) a number divided by 6 minus -3 equals 12.​
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Divide 80 into two parts so that the greater part is 4 times the smaller part.
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Apply euclid postulates to prove the an equilateral can be constructed on any line segment.
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Find the equation if x=root5+root5+
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Find the remainder obtained when x^2007 is divisible by x²-1​...

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