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5yx + 10 x^2y ka gudankhand gyat kijiye​

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The perimeter of a parallelogram is 60cm and the ratio of its adjacent sides is 3: 2. if the altitude to the longer side of the parallelogram is 5cm, find the area of the parallelogram and the altitude corresponding to the smaller side. answer me fas ​
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(c) 50123-100(d) 736 =10(e) 576921 +1000 = _ (f) 450 - 50divide and check your answer.(a) 398406 +83 =(b) 707070 = 62 =5. mother dairy sold 1,51,011 litres of milk in the months of april, may, june, july andaugust. what was its daily sale? 6. in a year, 89,425 people visited the fun & food village. what was the number ofvisitors each day? (the year was not a leap year)7. find the greatest number of 5-digit which is exactly divisible by 32.[hint: subtract remainder from largest 5-digit number.]​
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7. show that following pairs are co prime (iii) 19,32(vi) 91,97​
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5yx + 10 x^2y ka gudankhand gyat kijiye​...

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