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Represent 2/3 and 1/5 in same number line​

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❤hello pyre friends ❤❤❤tum sab apni chūút chūusloo madarclodo gnd me danda ghusalo gnd maralooo bèhn ke ldo ​
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Express the decimals up to two places: 5652/ 50​
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If the 10th term of ap is 52 and 170th term is 20 more than the 13 term, find the ap ? ​
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The denominator of a rational number is greater than its numerator by 7. if 3is subtracted from the numerator and 2 is added to its denominator, the newnumber becomes 1/5. find the rational number.
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Represent 2/3 and 1/5 in same number line​...

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