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At the local model boat club, four friends were talking about their boats. there were a total of eight boats, two in each colour, red, green, blue and yellow. each friend owned two boats. no friend had two boats of the same colour. alan didn't have a yellow boat. brian didn't have a red boat, but did have a green one. one of the friends had a yellow boat and a blue boat and another friend had a green boat and a blue boat. charles had a yellow boat. darren had a blue boat, but didn't have a green one. can you work out friend had coloured boats?

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Kannu invested some money in three different options p, q and r. if the total interest earned in one year was rs. 3200 and the money invested in r was 150% of the money invested in scheme p and 240% of the money invested in scheme q, what was the money invested in q? rate of interest 10% p. a. for p , 12% p. a for q and 15% p. a. for r
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Missing helicopter is reported to have crashed somewhere in the rectangular region shown in the figure what is the probability that it is crashed inside the lake shown in the figure the length of the rectangular region as a 6 kilometre and the breadth is 4.5 and the length of lake is 3 kilometre and breadth is 2.5
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How many three digit numbers are there in which all digits are odd?
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4. the number of students who have passed after attempting the exams of science, maths andenglish is represented in the figure given many students passed in at least two exams? science2consur11ren612englishmaths(a) 31(c) 19(b) 25(d) 12​
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At the local model boat club, four friends were talking about their boats. there were a total of eig...

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