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How to find inverse of a 4x4 matrix using scientific calculator?

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Pls ans this q i will mark as brainliest. if x and y are two rational numbers such that xy=1 which of these id true a) x/his equal to 1. b) x-y =1. c) x and y are less than 1. d) x-1/y =0
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Steven has an array of n non-negative integers. the i-th integer (indexed starting from 0) in the array is ai. steven really likes subintervals of a that are xor-even. formally, a subinterval of a is a pair of indices (l, r), denoting the elements al, al+1, ar-1, ar. the xor-sum of this subinterval is al xor al+1 xor xor ar-1 xor ar, where xor is the bitwise exclusive or. a subinterval is xor-even if its xor-sum has an even number of set bits in its binary re. steven would like to make q modifications to the array. the i-th modification changes the pi-th (indexed from 0) element to vi. steven would like to know, what is the size of the xor-even subinterval of a with the most elements after each modification?
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Ariya and perimeter ke question[tex]78[/tex]​
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Hey mate❤what is the value [tex] log_{0}(0) = [/tex]if your answer is wrong , i will report ✌✌if u know then give otherwise don't ✌✌⏩radhe radhe ​
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How to find inverse of a 4x4 matrix using scientific calculator?...

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