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What is the hcf of smallast prove number and composit number

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If cot a-tan a=2 cot 2a, then tan a +2tan 2 a + 4 tan 4 a +8 cot 8 a =(1) tan a(2) sin a(3) cos a(4) cot a​
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3. how many numbers of (1) single digit (2) two digits and (3) three-digits can be formed out of5, 8 and 9 without repetition of digits? ​
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How many cubic metres of the earth must be dug out to make a well of 20 metres deep and 2 metres in diameter if the inner curved surface area of the well in part 1 above is to be plastered at the rate of rs 5 per metre square find the cost of plastering​
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1.the sum of money of a, b and c is rs. 63. if c gives rs. 6 to b and a each then their money forman ap find b's original money.(a) 10(b) 15(c) 38(d) 13​
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What is the hcf of smallast prove number and composit number...

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