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The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 21 and find the numbers

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What is the length of a diagonal of a cube with a side length of 1 cm? i know it is 1.73. but what is the correct answer choice? a)square root of 2? b)square root of 3? c)square root of 4? estimated the length of the diagonal of square with the following side 8 cm​
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Find the value of p for which the quadratic equation bracket 2 p + 1 bracket close x square minus 3 bracket 7p+ 2 bracket close x + bracket 7p - 3 bracket close is equals to zero has equal roots also find this route
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Diagonals of a quadilateral are perpendicular to each ather .in such a quadilateral always a rhombus​
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Show that if f is a function from s to t, where s and t are finite sets with jsj > jtj, then there are elements s1 and s2 in s such that f(s1)
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The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 21 and find the numbers...

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