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Find the squares of the following numbers.: - a) 11

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Acertain quantity of 40% solution is replaced with 25% solution such that the new concentration is 35%. what is the fraction of the solution that was replaced
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The sum and the difference between two natural numbers is 90 and 6 respectively. find the numbers​
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Heya❤❤❤gaurav bought two kinds of dress materials for making dresses . he bought shirt material for 50 rupees per metre and trouser material for 90 rupees per metre. for every 2 meters of the trouser material he bought 3 metres of the shirt material. he sells the materials at 12% and 10% profit respectively. his total sale is 36,600. how much trouser material he bought? ​
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One side of a parallelogram is 10cm if its diagonals are 12cm and 16cm each find the area of parallelogram ​
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Find the squares of the following numbers.: - a) 11...

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