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Souse wiring al acances are connected in
alternative circuit
9 electric curent has a single path through circuit in
b) series combination
circular combination
10 ons can be defined as
change passes through a wine is 0.5c chen current of 50 ma will flow in
el 10 seconds
15 seconds
20 seconds
resistance of copper wire slength is imand it's diameter is 2 mm is
a) 5.4x100
c) 50
when a potential erence of one volt is applied across ends of a conductor and one ampere
of current passes through then its resistance will be
alone ohm
b) half ohm
ctwo ohms
c) three ohms​

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35. two long parallel wires are separated by a distance of 8 cm carry electric currents of 3a and 5 a. the distance of null point from the conductor carrying larger current when currents are flowing in the same direction is 1) 3cm 2) 5cm 3) 12 cm 4) 20 cm
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Nine resistors, each of r value, are connected in a staggered manner as shown in figure .a) what is the effective resistance of network between points a and b? b) if r = 10ohm and a 12.0v battery is connected from point a to b, how much current is in each resistor?
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Souse wiring al acances are connected in
alternative circuit
9 electric curent...

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