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14 si unit of potential difference is
b) pascal
c oule
d) volt
15 resistance of a conductor increases with
a) increasing current
b) decreasing current
c) increase in temperature
d) decrease in temperature
16 amount of heat generated in a resistance due to flow of charges is equal to product of soare
of current, resistance and time duration. statement is known as
a) ohm's law
b) joule's law
c) newton's law
d) pascal's law
17 of 0.6 c charge passes through a wire in 12 s, then current flowing through wire is
a) 70 ma
b) 50 ma
c) 50 ma
18 in parallel combination voltage passing through each resistor is
a) same
b) different
c) low voltage
a voltage
19 if a light bulb is switched on for 20 s and it consumes 2400) of electrical energy
a) 60 w
b) 80 w
c) 70 w
d) 90 w
20 resistors are connected end to end in
a) series combination
b) parallel combination
c) circular combination
d) random combination
21 property of substance offers opposition to flow of current is called
a) friction
b) resistance
c) current
d) enf
22 in series combination, current passing through each resistor is
a) non determined
b) aero
c) same
d) different​

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14 si unit of potential difference is
b) pascal
c oule
d) volt
15 resistance of...

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