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Linear motion has inertia rotational motion has

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answer it and me complete my assignment doubtsclass 11chapter laws of motioniit jee ​
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Is this really possible in real life think ​
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Two persons a and b are located in x-y plane at the points (0, 0) and (0, 10), respectively. (the distances are measured in mks units). at a time t=0, they start moving simultaneously with velocities īa = 2; ms-tand ūg = 2i respectively. the time after which a and b are at their closest distance is [eamcet 2009] (a) 2.5 s (b)4s (c)1s (d)10/root2
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Asquare ab cd has each side 1 mt - 4 point chargesof 0.1 microcoulomb 0.02 microcoulomb and 0.02 microcoulomb are placed at squareand also find electric field intensity at that point.​
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Linear motion has inertia rotational motion has...

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