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Aball of mass is stationary on top of of height 100m

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If a vehicle is running with a velocity of 72 km / hr. what should be the retardation of the vehicle to stop it 20 m ahead?
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Points a and b are 150 km apart. cars 1 and 2 travel from a to b, but car 2 starts from a when car 1 is already 20 km away from a. each car travels at a speed of 100 kmph for the rst 50 km, at 50 kmph for the next 50 km, and at 25 kmph for the last 50 km. the distance, in km, between car 2 and b when car 1 reaches b is
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What is heating effect of electric current? name the various devices in which this effect is utilized?
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Q.4draw electric field lines for a system of two charges qı and g such that(i) q1q2> 0 q(ii) 9192 > 0; 1911 > 1921​
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Aball of mass is stationary on top of of height 100m...

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