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What do you understand by pressure area and low pressure area

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When work done by a system was 10j , theincrease in the internal energy of the systemwas 30j. the heat q' supplied to the systemwas: 1) -40j 2) +20j 3) 40j 4) -20j​
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Awire of 3 ohm resistance and 10 cm length is stretched to 30 cm length. assuming that it has a uniform cross section, what will be its new resistance? (2) a wire of 9 ohm resistance having 30 cm length is tripled on itself. what is its new resistance? (3) what length of copper wire of resistivity 1.7x10-8ohm metre and radius 1mm is required so that its resistance is 1 ohm?
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The magnetic induction and magnetising field intensity in a sample of magnetic material are b and h respectively. the magnetic susceptibility of the material is ​
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Adisc is kept on a smooth horizontal plane and surface of the groove is 2/5 and sin theta=3/5. find the acceleration of mass with respect to frame of the reference of the disc
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What do you understand by pressure area and low pressure area...

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