Some students get less marks even after working harder, then how do some students get more marks even after working less hard?

We have to understand the students’ strategy of writing their questions, how different students are answering the questions. A student is not knowing the answer to a question well, but if he has good representation skills, he can definitely score more marks than those students who are getting the answers to that question correctly. This is because If done well in the exam, there are more chances of getting more marks.

What are the factors that change the marking scheme?

  • Your writing on the examination answer sheet is very important so you should write clearly and accurately.
  • If possible, write the questions number wise so that the examiner does not face any problem in checking the question and entering the number.
  • You should write the answers of the questions which are coming best, so that you can win the heart of the examiner who checks the examination paper that you have good knowledge.
  • You can solve the least number of questions first and you can solve the highest number questions later so that if possible, in the high number questions, you can be passed by the master coach by giving more marks.

Best way to write answer of questions

  1. Pointwise Techniques: In point wise technique, you try to answer the questions in points so that you can write maximum points in less time in the examination and you can tell the examiner that you are getting the answers to this question well and You can answer the question by writing point by point in this way.
  2. Theoretical Techniques: You can also answer the questions in theory and you can write different answers to the questions in your notebook answer sheet by changing the paragraphs, through which the examiner will know that you have answered the questions through paragraphs. and you have put different aspects of the questions in different paragraphs.

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