What is the use of revising and repeating what you have read?

It is very important to revise the things read because after some time the human mind forgets things and when we forget things then it needs to be revised again and it is a very good thing for human beings. Or for the human race that humans keep forgetting things because if humans do not forget the old things, it will give a lot of trouble in living their life, that is why it is a boon when it comes to fighting, then man forgets to practice again and again. gets to you.

How to make things last longer

The only way to remember the things read for a long time is to revise the things read again and again, although there are many techniques of revising which we all should follow and through this techniques you can revise any thing for a long time. Can remember for a long time or Technique It is very important for all persons to revise things through Techniques so that you will be able to remember it for a long time.

Revision technique

  • 1st Revision – After 1 day
  • 2nd Revision – After 2 days
  • 3rd Revision – After 1 week
  • 4th Revision – After 21 Days / After 3 weeks
  • 5th Revision – After 1.5 month / After 6 Weeks
  • Last Revision – After 3 months / After 12 Weeks

The human mind is designed in such a way that it forgets things due to the effect of time. It goes, if you want your mind to remember something, remember it for a long time, then definitely you first have to revise those things within 24 hours and then revise those things within 48 hours. Then after that you will have to revise those things within 1 week then you will have to revise those things for 21 days after that then you will revise it in 6 weeks then you will device it in 3 months and in this way you Whatever you revise, you will remember it for a very long time.

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