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Describe the ethnic composition of belgium

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Bhakti movementsidentify the following bhakti saints. choose your answer from the box1. he was born in a small town near chennai. he believed that the only way 19reach god is to forget oneself and to love him with perfect devotionsolve2.he was born in prayag in a south indian family, he wanted hindu societyto get rid of its evil customs and rituals,3. he was a washerman by caste. his beautiful hymns, composed in marathiare full of intense devotion to god,4. he was a great saint from west bengal, he was a great devotee of lordkrishna. he composed hymns addressed to lord krishna,5. he was born in a village called dehu, north-east of pune. he composed alarge number of verses called abhangas, in marathi,​
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Describe the ethnic composition of belgium...

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